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To avail the services of you must agree to these terms and conditions. As services will be available only if you accept these terms. Nobody is above from this condition. If you agree with all the terms and conditions can enjoy full-fledged services and disagreement can cause the denial of services.

Intellectual Property reserves the copyright of original content, features and proprietary rights of the service. You also agree that the absolute right to operate this website belongs to MyinstantofferLendingClub-

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Our website has links to third-party services and websites. And it is necessary to know that doesn’t own and operate any of these services.

Also, we are not accountable for the content, privacy policy and features of any third-party services and websites. Further, you acknowledge that MyinstantoffeLendingClub- is not liable for any loss and damage prompted by third-party services and websites directly and indirectly.

It is advisable to read all the terms and condition also the privacy policy of any third-party website before having an interaction with it.


You agree that has the right to curb your access and withdraw services in a result of a violation of any term and condition. And the suspension of services may be the outcome of non-compliance with terms and conditions. The factors that also contribute to suspension are warranty disclaimer, legal liability, and limitation of liability.


You admit it absolutely that licensed applications work on the principle of “AS IS” and “AS AVAILABLE”. To interact with this kind of services is nothing but a risk. Since these services have irregularities and without warranties. Also, the licensor dismisses all the guarantees of any services either express, implied or including, but not limited to, the fitness of any purpose, non-infringement of third-party rights.

Governing Law

While using you acknowledge that all the laws and rules shall be made and controlled accordingly to the laws of the United States and have no conflict with the law provisions. Also, the disputes between you and Myinstantoffer* will be settled under these laws.

If any law provision doesn’t have accordance with the laws and federal action that will be dysfunctional by the court. And other terms and conditions will stand valid. Our agreement with you and the supply of services totally depends upon these terms and condition. Therefore, it can displace and make changes in the previous agreement.


We own the right to modify any term and condition as per the requirement. And we can do this at any time. In case of revision material, we will give 30 day’s notification before making new changes. Also, how this material change come into being is our sole right.

To have the consistent availability of our services after the successful changes you should also agree with our revised terms. In case of disagreement, our services are not further available to you.

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